Rage Festival

A seven-day long summer festival across four different cities in South Africa – Ballito Rage, Plett Rage, Joburg Rage and JBay Rage.


Rage Festival initiated a discussion with Blott Studio around app and web development for their events agency, that specialises in year-end vacations for South African matriculants. Their aim was to better serve the needs of their consumers through a cutting-edge mobile app and immersive website experience.


“Where’s the vibe?” as South Africans say, is a big part of the brand persona for Rage Festival, and Blott Studio wanted to mirror this “vibe” in the development of this product offering. The aim was to facilitate the best possible customer journey and stimulate anticipation for the festival itself.


Events Technology


Product Design
Solutions Architecture
Mobile Development
Website Development


React Native


Product Design

Blott Studio values the user experience first, and the Rage Festival team feel the same way. Our initial discovery sessions aligned our beliefs and revealed the core functionalities for both the mobile app, as well as the website. Blott Studio conducted research, looked for inspiration in other event technologies and homed in on the client brief. With this in-hand, Blott Studio set about iterating. The client would test and we would iterate, in a loop, until the final product offering took form.

Mobile Development

Blott Studio would never compromise on user experience, so naturally our app developers gravitated towards React Native as the software framework of choice.

Web Development

The design, build and launch of the Rage Festival website was facilitated by Webflow. We worked in conjunction with the Rage Festival team to determine the best flow for the immersive site.


The Rage Festival team have a fully-functioning mobile app and website that effectively and efficiently serves its consumer base.


months to launch the platform


team members involved in the process

40 000

active users on platform

9 000 000

app impressions to date

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