Creating a “greener” environment has become a focal point across all industries. Zevero seeks to decarbonise your business by providing accurate and comprehensive supply chain emission data.

Zevero - simplifying “green” for companies on a mission to reduce carbon emissions.


Reducing carbon emissions plays a vital role in our combined efforts to decelerate the effects of global warming and is becoming a more pressing issue on a worldwide scale. Zevero is a company with this goal at heart. They approached Blott Studio to build an efficient, and effective, carbon accounting platform.


Zevero had their vision and knew what they wanted to achieve. What they didn’t have was a team to help them build out a world-class product that could be used by businesses of all sizes and scales. Building a carbon accounting platform is incredibly complex and requires many integrations from a technical perspective. There were no references or examples in the market that could help guide them, and they felt lost in how to achieve their product goals. This made their challenge two-fold. First, to find the right partner to bring this vision of theirs to life and, second, to create a carbon accounting platform that could match industry-standards from a technology perspective, while simultaneously offering an excellent customer experience for its users.


Our approach was to start at the beginning and assist Zevero in product strategy. Before commencing with anything, we first worked alongside Zevero to streamline the product vision and nail the core functionality. This process allowed us to understand their clients’ needs better and shape the product idea into something tangible. Once we had defined our goal posts and knew what we were aiming for, we engaged with the team to design a platform that was not only highly functional and provided real value for their clients, but also usable and user-friendly. It was our overarching goal to create a great user experience, one that would allow businesses to see the true power and value of the Zevero product offering.


  • Carbon Accounting Platform


  • Product Design
  • Solutions Architecture
  • Mobile Development
  • CRM Development
  • Website Development


  • React
  • Python
  • AWS

Product Strategy

Helping Zevero map out and plan what the product might do and feel like was the start of our project. We worked through multiple discovery sessions with them and were able to eventually home in on what the key features of the product would be. Building something that is brand new in a space where there are no predecessors is both challenging and freeing. We were able to set the standard and draw a line in the sand of what and how a carbon accounting and net zero emissions monitoring system should be.

Product Design

We worked through several weeks of design sprints with Zevero to ensure their vision of how the platform should look and feel was achieved. We brought our knowledge base on user experience to the table and focused on designing a system that was both highly functional and as easy to use as possible. The goal was simple: add as much value for the user as was viable, while still maintaining the usefulness and effectiveness of every main- and sub-component.

This was all achieved by conducting user testing and bringing real clients into the design cycle so that we could get real-time feedback on usability and functionality.


Product Development

Once we knew what we were building, it was then a case of execution. We ran short sprint cycles; focused on constant iterations. We built, they tested, we rebuilt, and they tested again. Our focus was on building core functionality first and ensuring the bread and butter of the system was working seamlessly, while maintaining all of the thinking and hard work laid out in the product strategy and the product design phases.

Currently we are still working on building and releasing new features. This process involves taking a step back into the product design phase to ensure that everything is well thought out first, before engaging in any technology builds.


Zevero is a working, viable product that has been launched into the market, and has gained the support of 15 businesses as clients already. Together, we have created technology that is sought-after; where clients can see the undeniable value of carbon net zero monitoring, and where businesses are eager to jump onboard to help create a better world for us and the generations to come.


months to launch an MVP


month to turn MVP into MSP


team members involved in project


enterprise level clients won

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