Shepherd is a Chrome extension that plugs in to Google Calendar and Google Meet to provide teams with the support they need to facilitate productive meetings.

Shepherd - an all-in-one meetings tool, bringing structure and efficiency.



With the global shift from in-office to remote working, virtual meetings have dominated the work scape. The Shepherd team noticed that companies’ productivity outputs were lacking and came up with the idea to better facilitate productivity during these meetings. Blott Studio was approached to assist in building a Chrome extension that would bring to fruition the Shepherd Team’s vision; something our Team had not attempted before. As a result, we faced a two-prong challenge. First and foremost, the Blott Studio team needed to be upskilled and, second, we needed to determine what this first-of-a-kind extension would look and feel like.


Because nothing like this had been developed before, we had little to reference when developing this Chrome extension. This gave us a unique opportunity to let our creative juices flow and provide the client with a high-end solution that hit the brief and ensured value for the user.


  • Productivity Tool


  • Product Strategy
  • Product Design
  • Website Development


  • Figma
  • Userzoom

Product Design

Our process began with skills development and researching everything we could to understand the realm of extensions. From there, Blott Studio formulated design recommendations which the Shepherd team would review. The key was to develop a product that would seamlessly integrate with Google Calendar (and Meet) and provide a simple solution to users. This process spanned many months of processing iterations, user-testing and streamlining functionality.


This project involved a number of features that the Shepherd team specifically wanted to incorporate into the final product. Integrations, responsiveness and personalisation were front-of-mind when building out each feature. React was the front-end library of choice for our team of developers when focussing on the user interface and user experience.


Web Development

With Shepherd’s product offering ready to change the productivity game, our focus shifted to developing a cohesive website that would educate viewers and facilitate downloads. Multiple meetings were hosted between Blott Studio and Shepherd to ensure that the website would showcase the value to its users.


Shepherd have a fully functioning product that, not only has thousands of users, but received the title of Best Product of the Week and Best Product of the Day on Product Hunt in March of 2022. Blott Studio continues to work alongside the Shepherd team to push the boundaries in this space.


users onboarded within first few months


team members involved in the process


hours spent on user interviews and testing


screen designs created

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