We put people first. Everything else flows from there. provides access to a range of high-quality financial data, while providing the facilities to initiate payments across Europe and the UK. - a front-runner in open finance and payments technology.

About was borne from Blott Studio; a development agency with a passion for fintech and the relevant experience and industry expertise to guide fintech start-ups. When open banking first came onto the scene, our Team was immediately intrigued, so it’s no wonder that our fascination with the concept finally materialised into this cutting-edge fintech product.


The challenges surrounding were two-fold. First and foremost, the open banking industry was in its infancy so there was little available in the way of references to be made, and we truly wanted to create a progressive fintech product within this domain. The other challenge was to provide ecommerce websites and platforms with a payment partner that could meet their requirements for service, as well as provide the tools for them to succeed. Having built hundreds of ecommerce sites and platforms, the team understood the importance of reliability when it comes to the role of the payment partner. Our focus was to push to erode all the friction that exists within payments, driving the shift from traditional methods to direct peer-to-merchant transactions.


Our aim was to provide users with access to a broad range of high-quality financial data, with the ability to initiate payments from banks across Europe and the UK through a single application programming interface. Understanding the consumer’s needs was at the forefront of developing, which ultimately came down to a need to save time and money. To achieve a seamless experience our goal was thus to focus on a faster, more cost effective and secure platform.


  • Open Banking


  • Product Design
  • Solutions Architecture
  • CRM Development
  • Mobile Development


  • AWS
  • React.js
  • React Native

Product Strategy

Shortly after Payment Services Directives was presented to the world, we had an “a-ha” moment: we wanted to get involved with, and build, an open banking platform. Our first steps revolved around determining the need would serve in the market and outlining the core functionalities of our open banking platform. Multiple discovery sessions and team talks led to narrowing down to the final features. We now needed to turn our attention to designing

Product Design

Our main focus every step of the design process was to create a quality user experience, so a lot of time went into planning the product’s usability. Open banking as a new concept could feel daunting to the every day consumer and we really wanted to create something that everyone could easily use and interact with. The testing and feedback phases were extensive, to ensure that once we reached the development phase, a new-age fintech product would form.


Product Development steadily took shape through multiple iterations and reviews. The Blott Studio team worked countless hours, painstakingly reviewing each element of the main features to ensure they operated at full tilt. This, all the while maintaining our brief of upholding UX. What resulted was an open finance payments initiation platform with the purpose of always being at the forefront of payments technology, ensuring that we are actively contributing to legislation and always leveraging the latest technology standards available.


With all our spare capacity we continue working towards expanding on the features of the product offering; Iterating on the product’s design and development.


months to launch the product


team members involved in the process

50 000

payment requests processed


API's developed to date

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