ScorpionX developed a platform that allows users to create a watchlist of the shares they might be interested in. Combining Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in an integrated algorithm resulted in a web-based platform that puts the user first.

ScorpionX - a digital trading hub in the palm of your hand.



ScorpionX’s original plan was to create a simple website. After a few consultations with Blott Studio, however, ScorpionX soon came to realise the possibilities of an entire web-based platform that could support their client base. Blott Studio’s proposition was simple: create a fully functioning platform that could provide price predictions for shares in real-time, based on a specific client’s watchlist.


Combining ScorpionX’s requirements for a website with our technical skills led to the web-based platform’s success. The project started with the core functionality of the platform, and how it would meet the needs of their clients, and this ultimately shaped the product offering. It was our overarching goal to create a great user experience and the watchlist feature of the ScorpionX platform laid the foundation for this UX. Our focus was on building core functionality first and ensuring the bread and butter of the system worked seamlessly, while maintaining all of the thinking and hard work laid out in the product strategy and the product design phases.


  • Price Predition Web-Based Platform


  • Product Design
  • Solutions Architecture
  • CRM Development
  • Web App Development


  • AWS
  • React.js
  • Node.js

Product Strategy

Our process for this project began with the strategy. Our first priorty was to assist ScorpionX in identifying the platform’s main features. This was achieved through multiple discovery sessions. Once the functionality of the platform had been mapped, we then shifted focus to how we might go about creating the web-based platform. We love a challenge so, while there were no predecessors to take inspiration from, the creativity process really allowed us to set the standard for how ScorpionX’s product offering would display, function, and interact with users.

Product Design

Over the course of a few months, Blott Studio and ScorpionX reviewed and adjusted the designs to ensure we nailed the client’s vision. The design system was underpinned by the customer experience; the focus was to maximise usability while simultaneously creating a cutting edge fintech product. We wanted the platform to maintain the industry’s complexity but still present as simple and effective. We conducted user testing and encouraged client feedback to ensure that these goals were met.


Product Development

The final stage was combining all we had uncovered in the strategy phase and planned in the design phase to bring the platform to fruition. Multiple iterations were processed and the ScorpionX team were involved in every step of testing to provide guidance and feedback on our progress. Our aim was to first establish the core functionality of the platform and ensure that this function operated seamlessly, before moving onto the next features. Throughout the development process we revisited the work conducted during the product strategy and product design phases.


While our relationship with ScorpionX is still ongoing, we’re delighted to have been able to exceed their expectations on a web-based platform that provides keen insights to users in the share predictions space. This project continues to develop as the Blott Studio team works towards expanding on the features of the product offering iterating on the products design and development.


months to launch the product


team members involved in the process


hours spent on ideation


API endpoints developed

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