Uplinq took note of the shortfalls when it came to traditional credit indicators and devised a product offering that analyses billions of unique and validated regulatory-compliant data sets to advise SMB lenders on their credit decisions.

Uplinq - a global credit assessment platform for SMB lenders.


Uplinq recognised that traditional credit indicators do not always provide enough insight when it comes to small- and medium-businesses, which often means these businesses cannot secure necessary loans. Their team devised a product offering that could advise SMB lenders on their credit decisions using quality, in-depth indicators and asked Blott Studio to step in to bring their brainchild to life.


Uplinq recognised a need in the market for a quality product that could meet the requirements of SMB lenders when it came to supporting their credit decisions. The problem was that a solution of this nature did not exist, so there were no comparable applications to review when designing the Uplinq API. The goal was to be able to integrate accurately measuring small business performance and empowering lenders (through historical results and scientific validation of Uplinq’s regulatory compliant data sets) with a quality user interface and seamless user experience.


Blott Studio and Uplinq set to work on determining their vision for functionality before establishing the core features of the product offering. As always, our projects at Blott Studio are influenced by the customer experience and we wanted to ensure that consumers would appreciate the true value of Uplinq’s services. Discovery sessions, iterations and real client feedback were all part of the process in formulating the Uplinq API solution. The solution presented itself as a first of its kind global credit assessment platform for SMB lenders.


  • Credit Data Aggregator


  • Product Design
  • Web Development


  • Figma
  • Userzoom
  • Maze



API Solution

Uplinq wanted to provide credit lenders with valuable consumer credit insights for them to be able to make better credit decisions. Blott Studio implemented an API solution that integrated Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms to aggregate upwards of 24 data sources, that have passed the most stringent regulatory and compliance protocols. Our, and Uplinq’s, aim was to ensure that the platform summarised these insights with usability in mind. The aggregated data display was thus a key point of consideration in the overall user experience.

Product Development

While aggregating data remained a core functionality of the Uplinq platform, other considerations needed to be made, as well. Different credit bureaus follow different API standards and various strategies when it comes to integration between applications, so we had to formulate a complete data driven solution to integrate and optimise the different API versions and standards with these credit bureaus.


Product Design

Blott Studio’s focus is always on the customer experience and our aim, throughout the design process, was to emphasise the UX while simultaneously ensuring Uplinq’s features worked effortlessly to support the UI. A combination of React.js and Node.js was used to ensure the application front- and back-end functionality was optimal.


Working with the Uplinq’s vision in hand resulted in a world-class platform design and user experience with a design system that Uplinq can use to rapidly scale the business. USD3.5 million has been raised, while three enterprise level pilot clients have been secured by initial prototypes and designs.


months to launch an MVP


to turn MVP into MSP


team members involved in project


enterprise level clients won

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