Covid-19 majorly impacted numerous industries as 2020 saw businesses shutting their doors. One such industry hard-hit by the pandemic was events, Howler’s bread and butter. Howler reached a pivotal decision to realign their business model with their consumer’s needs. Enter Howler Stream, a virtual events powerhouse platform.

Howler - building online virtual events with management experts.



One of Howler’s biggest challenges was surviving 2020 and the pandemic. While industries across the globe were impacted, the entertainment industry practically ground to a halt. Howler’s growth trajectory of 63% evaporated. As events came to a steady halt, so did Howler’s primary income from its online ticket sales platform.


In a bout of perseverance and with help from Blott Studio, Howler launched Howler Stream; a streaming platform allowing organisers to reach audiences all over the world; no travel required. The fully customisable virtual venue allows brands to host their own events online. From multiple live stages and break-out rooms to landscape planning and on-demand content, Howler Stream covers the entire event experience while giving their clients all the credit.


  • Events Technology


  • Product Design
  • Animation
  • Website Development


  • Figma
  • Webflow



Product Design

The user interface and user experience involved designing every possible interaction with customers, resellers, and management; from signing up to engaging in on-stream activities and post-event wrap up reports. The UI was further supported with animation to amplify the user experience and provide an overall sophisticated look and feel to the application.

Part of our processes also involved providing support for the start-up when it came to potential clients and investors. Blott Studio provided a pitch deck design that complimented and showcased the functionalities of the platform, so that Howler’s presentations to clients and investors highlighted the value of their new product offering in a clear and concise format.

Product Strategy

Blott Studio worked closely with the Howler team on Howler Stream for two months, conducting research, workshops, and consistent reviews. With Howler’s direction and our expertise, we collaborated to provide Howler with the support they needed to enable a successful pivot.


Web Development

In addition to the application development, we assisted Howler with the creation of a responsive website. From ideation to creation to maintenance; Blott Studio stepped in to assist with every step of the website development.


Howler launched a proficient virtual events platform in 2020 and since then have issued 2.5 million tickets and processed ZAR1.5 billion in sales.


users onboarded within first few months


team members involved in the process


hours spent on user interviews and testing


screen designs created

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