Crypto for everyone. Regardless of age or cereal preferences. Doshi is all about accessibility and providing a secure platform where under-18 year olds can navigate the realm of cryptocurrency.

Doshi - crypto for everyone. Regardless of age or cereal preferences.



Doshi recognised a gap in the market; persons under the age of 18 cannot buy, sell and transfer cryptocurrency on their own, legally. Doshi wanted to create a secure space where guardians could oversee youngster’s actions, while still granting those teens with access. Doshi teamed up with Blott Studio to create a fully-fledged product.


Doshi wanted the platform to offer teens with a comprehensive view of cryptocurrency, from managing their crypto to learning about about it to become better investors. Blott Studio drew out their dream into programmable functionalities that would create an immersive product offering while providing a high-end user interface and experience.


  • Cryptocurrency


  • Product Design
  • Product Management


  • Figma



Product Management

When Doshi first approached our team they really needed support across the spectrum for their forward-thinking product. With this in mind, Blott Studio took on the role of Product Management and assisted Doshi throughout the design and development phases, as well as the positioning of the product within the marketplace. A big focus for our Product Managers at Blott Studio was on the customer: the teenagers and parents (or guardians) who would be making use of the Doshi platform.

Product Design

User experience is at the forefront of everything we do at Blott Studio. The priority was creating an app that is both functional and user-friendly for Doshi. The challenge was in building an app that was visually appealing and usable for two distinct user types: teenagers and parents. We identified early on that we did not want to minimise the experience for the teen by focussing too much on the parent. Our design process relied on continual iterations and review sessions with Doshi to ensure their vision was being met, while prioritising user experience. We referenced learning, investment and leading crypto apps. What we felt to be the “best bits” from these references worked as the guide for us in creating an app that was new to the market; innovative yet still in-line with current trends.



There were several features that the Doshi team wanted to incorporate into the final product.  We built out each feature meticulously and reviewed them alongside Doshi to ensure that every aspect of the client brief was met. The bottom-line across functionality was that of inclusivity and ease-of-use.


Our partnership with Doshi is still ongoing, and we are excited to continue expanding the app features and functionality with the Doshi team. The app is currently in beta phase with an initial group of users who are part of our user testing phase. The app is set to launch on iOS stores imminently.


users onboarded within first few months


team members involved in the process


hours spent on user interviews and testing


screen designs created

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