September 1, 2023
October 27, 2022

Uplinq Secures USD $3.5 million in Pre-Seed Funding

Shane Bird

The Blott Studio family includes not only our own team, but the teams that make up our client base. Our main mission is to see our clients succeed and thrive and, naturally, we’re their in-house cheerleaders. So, our excitement for the Uplinq team comes as no surprise when hearing of their successful pre-seed funding round that raised USD $3.5 million recently!

UPDATE: Uplinq has announced a $1.25 million investment from ATX Venture Partners and become part of the ATX community. 

Uplinq’s journey began with recognising a pain point in the market: traditional credit indicators do not offer valuable insights when it comes to small- and medium-sized businesses looking to secure a loan. Founders Ron Benegbi and Patrick Reily immediately set to work in crafting an incredible technology that better provides data signals to SMB lenders so they can make informed decisions. 

Venture capital investors, N49P and Surface Ventures, led the charge shoulder-to-shoulder with a collection of Fintech investors, such as: MoVi Partners, Impulsum Ventures, Magic Fund, Assure Syndicates, and the DVC Syndicate. Other participants included the former President of Experian Consumer Services, co-founder at SoFi, former CIO and Treasurer at JPMorgan Chase, former Head of Risk at Scotiabank, and the former CTO at FIS. With an impressive USD $1.4 Trillion in underwritten loans approved since its inception at the start of 2022, it comes as no surprise to see Uplinq being triumphant during pre-seed funding rounds and securing USD $3.5 million to support their ongoing mission.

The funds raised will be dedicated towards refining their product, so SMB lenders will continue to receive improved and precise indicators that will add value to their decision-making process, and better serve their customer base of small- and medium-businesses needing loan support. In addition to these improvements, the investment will further aim to scale Uplinq’s operations, so SMB lenders across the globe may have access to their cutting-edge technology. 

Patrick Reily, co-founder at Uplinq, shared his comments, “SMBs create jobs and are at the bedrock of intellectual property creation around the world. These companies drive the global economy, yet as borrowers they remain perhaps the most underserved segment on the planet. At Uplinq, we can change that. That’s why I am humbled and honoured to now partner with so many brilliant and purposeful people who share our vision.”

Uplinq co-founder and CEO, Ron Benegbi, added, “Now, it’s great to have so many amazing people who want to be part of our journey. Through this raise, we have connected with people like ourselves, who truly care about others and who want to lead with empathy, humanity, and purpose. Together, we all share a collective vision of making an impact on the lives of millions of families worldwide.”

Working alongside Uplinq to deliver a first-of-its-kind global credit assessment platform for SMB lenders has been nothing short of an incredible experience. The team at Blott Studio are honoured to have been involved in this project and to continue working with such Fintech innovators to Improve the Uplinq product and experience for its users. Read all about the Uplinq project on our case study, here. Be sure to keep up-to-date with Uplinq on LinkedIn, here, and give us a follow while you’re at it, here

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