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November 17, 2022

Blott Studio Becomes a Webflow Partner

Shane Bird

At Blott Studio, our aim is to continue to serve our clients with the best possible service, and that means continually offering cutting-edge design and development solutions. Our team is always monitoring design trends, new development tools, and conducting further research to ensure our team is equipped with the best possible skills and capabilities to serve your needs. We’re proud to announce that Blott Studio has officially become an accredited Webflow Partner. We delve into what that means and why we decided to join the community of developers who have come to love Webflow’s platform.

So, what does it mean that we’ve become a Webflow Partner? Essentially, Blott Studio has been vetted by Webflow and is an accredited and certified Webflow service provider. Webflow Partners are any individuals or agencies who are trusted and deemed professional experts at Webflow by Webflow themselves!

What is Webflow?

Webflow is a SaaS company that offers designers website building and hosting services. The Webflow platform offers web design and development, a content management system (CMS), and hosting services so that designers may build out visually beautiful, seamless websites that are completely customisable. Webflow is considered the gold standard of web design platforms as it does not require any coding; the platform processes the designer’s selections within the editor into the appropriate HTML, CSS or JavaScript. This makes it one of the best available tools on the market for web app creation.

How does Webflow compare to other website builders?

Webflow is considered the best website building tool available on the market at present. It is easy to use, requires no coding and saves valuable time for web design teams to deliver modern, stunning websites for clients. Naturally, other website building tools each have their strengths and weaknesses, though none quite match up to Webflow’s level of customisation. Here’s why:

  • WordPress

While WordPress is a great web-building tool for beginners, its coding layout is considered cluttered due to the high volume of plugins. WordPress also does not offer options when it comes to coding solutions, whereas Webflow allows users to employ their custom coding or make use of Webflow’s provided coding. On the topic of user interface, WordPress offers limited features compared to Webflow’s extensive design functionality, including animations and illustrations.

  • Wix

When it comes to template-based web-building, Wix isn’t a bad option, though Webflow also offers a selection of templates that are more extensive. It also offers customisation of these templates. The Webflow editor visualises HTML and CSS code for a better building experience, while also offering a library of code snippets to integrate into the design. 

  • Squarespace

Squarespace offers web-building services to get a simple website operational within a few hours. While it may take more time to develop a site, Webflow offers a more extensive, highly advanced service and incorporates integrations with Shopify and Google Analytics for a more holistic approach to web development. Further hereto, Webflow’s hosting capabilities mean that these integrations operate efficiently and that updates are instantaneous.

  • Shopify

Shopify is a great solution for e-commerce-centric businesses, though this makes it a very niche tool. Webflow offers integrations with Shopify, so your clients do not have to sacrifice on high-end design. Webflow also offers plugins to assist with sales tracking metrics to further support e-commerce initiatives.

What are the benefits of enlisting a Webflow Partner?


Webflow Partners are specifically required to have at least one accredited and certified Webflow designer or developer on their team to be deemed certified. Blott Studio has 5 as of 16 Nov 2022. The certification process involves a series of exams that must be passed with an average score of 88% or higher (per). Passing these exams provides certification to the individual for 12 months only, so every year our Team of Webflow experts is required to retake the exams to remain certified and ahead of the trend. This ensures that the team you work with when designing and developing your website, has the relevant expertise and understanding of Webflow to deliver the best possible outcome.


Becoming a Webflow Partner means that Webflow trusts Blott Studio to deliver high-quality website design and development through advertising their platform and offering Webflow solutions. Blott Studio’s Webflow design and developers can provide our clients with cutting-edge web technology solutions that best serve their interests and goals. As we’ve mentioned before, Webflow only accredits designers who pass their rigorous testing programme with distinction, on an annual basis. You can rest easy knowing that our Webflow designers maintain these standards to be considered Webflow-worthy.


The Blott Studio team has worked on over 50 Webflow projects over the past 3 years. These projects have scaled from fintech startups to enterprise, across several time zones, spanning a few countries. Our expertise has been nurtured with every completed project and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed resolving the challenges our clients have come to us with, to guarantee their satisfaction. This experience further ensures efficiency when working on your project; our team adheres to deadlines and offers sound advice and pricing structures from the onset.

Which Webflow Services does Blott Studio offer?

At Blott Studio, we innovate. Our designers and developers work ahead of the curve to deliver high-quality, seamless websites that are future-proof. We continually aim to improve our skills and capabilities so that our clients receive holistic support for their brand. As a full-service Webflow studio, Blott Studio offers a range of Webflow services, including:

  • Webflow Ecommerce Websites
  • Webflow No Code App Creation
  • Webflow Design System Setup
  • Webflow Platform Migrations
  • Webflow Interactions & Animations
  • Webflow Custom Code & Integrations
  • Webflow CMS Setup
  • Webflow Marketing & SEO Guidance
  • Webflow Rebrands & Redesign
  • Webflow Third-Party Integrations
  • Webflow Accessibility
  • Webflow Training

As an official Webflow Partner, Blott Studio can assist in a range of services to support your business, from web or app design and development to branding, strategy and marketing. Having a full-scale team of Webflow accredited experts means that we can tailor a Webflow solution to you, drawing on our team members’ relevant experience and skills, for the best possible results. Find out more about our Webflow services and schedule a chat with us here.

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